Unexpected Gift

Lucy Love,

Good Morning Love Bug!

Friday morning we woke up to the most precious videos of you that we were not expecting. This was the best unsolicited surprise gift from God that we have received this far in your adoption. We couldn't believe our eyes as we watched you dance and spin and clap an attempt to "sing" along to the music.

In your file, it says that you are growing up "happily and happily" in the orphanage. These videos are clearly evidence of that!

Just can't help but share these screen shots from the videos with all our friends and family so they can see your beautiful face!

On top of that we also got word Friday that we are not far from DTC.. Our Dossier is with the Chinese Consulate in Texas awaiting the final step of authentication before it can go to China! I've been praying for March 1st..so we will see!!