A taste of Heaven

Lucy Love,

Today your daddy and I came one step closer to holding you. Call me cheesy, but I believe that The Lord gave little winks along the way to confirm that He is with us and for us and for YOU becoming a part of our family.

This morning we had planned to walk in for Biometric Fingerprinting. This will get us the last slip of paper our agency needs in order to authenticate our Dossier and get those documents to China. Daddy asked his men's group to pray and I texted a few adoption Mommas to please pray the security guard would let us in early today as our appointment is not until Friday. Our neighbor, Cynthia, took carpool so that we could get a head start and away we went.

When we arrived at USCIS on collier road, I remembered we couldn't take anything in but out docs and ID. So I slipped a small picture of you into the inner pocket of my coat. The security guard was a super nice guy with a big smile of gleaming white teeth. He let us right in and even joked with us!
After checking in we sat down to wait. Since we didn't have phones to distract us, we took out your picture and just marveled at you. Then they called our numbers. Sparing you all the details, we were in an out in 20 minutes. Daddy did love taking to the Asian man that took his prints. His name was Vo and he was from Vietnam. He asked how many kids did we have already? Sean said 3..and it's a busy life. Vo laughed in agreement and replied ..happy life!

Since we got done so quickly we decided to have breakfast at flying biscuit on Northside. These adoption tasks have provided multiple opportunities for your dad and I to come away and spend a little time together that we otherwise would not have had. This breakfast was a happy time. I sat down and looked at my menu and it read, "A taste of heaven". Lucy, today has felt like a taste of heaven because we have sensed the Lords presence going before and behind us each step of the way.

Next your daddy wanted to take my picture at the restaurant, so he did..and when he showed me my picture there
Was a field of sunflowers painted in the background. My sister, your aunt Bekah, died at age 21 about 5 years ago. Her favorite flowers were sunflowers. She was winking a us. Another taste of heaven.

Then we decided that since we were still so much earlier getting done than wed imagined, that we would run over to CHOA and visit a friend of ours whose little girl Mallory is in the hospital with respiratory distress. There just happened to be a cute toy store there in the parking lot with Flying biscuit so we ducked into the shop and bought Mallory a princess sticker book. While in the store we met a mother who told us that she had adopted her son and he is your same age. So we told her about you.

When we drove into the parking lot at children's, it dawned on me that this is where you will (hopefully) have your cochlear implant surgeries one day!
They have a garden, multiple play rooms, a library, an little wagons where parents can give their kids a ride. I imagined us coming there with you.

When we arrived at the room, My friend Mindy was so excited to see us. She had secretly hoped this morning that someone would come visit her. Not only that, but Mindy was also going to call her mother shortly to ask her to bring - guess what- some stickers!! Had we not gotten through fingerprinting early, we would not have had this opportunity to spread the love. To have breakfast, to be by the toy store, etc etc

Today had been another day for me to see how living and active The Lord is in all the silly little details of our lives.

I am amazed at how even though you are on the other side of the world snug in your bed sleeping right now, you are still touching lives. And above all else, because of you and our preparing for you to come home we are slowing down just a tad and being blessed in more ways than we can count.

I have more to say, but I'm on my way to pick up your (twin) brother Finn from school.


  1. What a sweet day! Thank you for sharing and praising God that you're one step closer to Lucy!

  2. You heard the holy ghost whispering to you! We had our fingerprinting done two weeks ago and we got our papers today. Hope yours come just as quickly. I have lived in Atlanta for 10 years and still haven't been to the flying biscuit. I so need to go!