Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Gosh.. It's 2 am and i can't even describe to you how this feels.  After all of the paperwork and waiting, longing and preparing, the time has finally come for us to head to China to meet and capture our Lucy Love.  From the start of time, the Lord knew it would be and now we are walking in His will as we embark on this incredible journey.

We could not be more ready.  I can honestly say that the longer you wait for something, the more prepared in your heart you truly are.  Waiting is a spiritual principle.  When that plane takes off tomorrow, it will truly be sweeter because of the roadblocks, detours, ups, downs, stops, and starts that have refined us and brought us to this very moment in time and our little girl, Lucy.

Here is how this is going to go down...

Wed, July 24 - our flight leaves ATL 1:15 arriving in Korea at 4:55 next day with a 2 hour layover
Thurs, July 25 - Depart Korea 7pm and arrive in Beijing 8:05pm - check into hotel, sleep!!
Friday, July 26 - tour Great Wall and Summer Palace with www.beijing-driver.com (check it out)
Saturday, July 27 - Hutong Tour, Shopping, Snack Street, Tinanmen Square and Emperor's Palace
Sunday, July 28 - Fly to Hefei City, Anhui (where Lucy lives) and get settled in, get stuff at Wal Mart
Monday, July 29 - LUCY DAY!!  ( not sure what time we will have her but we will keep u posted!)
Tuesday July 30-Friday August 2nd - Reman in Hefei, check out Lucy's birthplace, and bond with our new girl!!
Friday, August 2nd - Fly to Guangzhou
Saturday, August 3rd - My 37th Birthday - spend time with Sean and our girls!!
Sat-Mon. - at some point Lucy will have a medical appointment where she will have a tb test, blood drawn, etc.
Tuesday, Aug 6th - Appointment with the US Consulate.
Thursday, August 8 fly home..
Arrive home on Thursday, August 8th at 8:15 at the new international terminal -flight number 0033


That is the rough Itinerary.
We covet your prayers..

For Lucy - That God would prepare her little heart as much as possible for what is about to take place.

For Us - Sean, Laura, Zoe - for safe travel, smooth plane changes in Seoul, Korea and for our physical bodies as this is a long trip.  Praying for rest and specifically that Zoe and her first time on a 12 hour flight!!  Please pray for our arrival in Beijing and our transfer from airport to hotel with a Mandarin Speaking driver. (we might have to get out the Google Translate!)

For the Boys and those caring for them - They are all settled in at my parents and we have already Face Timed multiple times with them.  They are going to be staying with both sets of grandparents the entire time and visiting both of our brothers and their families and we feel certain they will be well taken care of! Pray for their little hearts that God would give them strength and bravery as they are away from us for 2 weeks.  Pray total protection over them from sickness or physical harm.

For all of us - Please pray above all that the Lord's purposes will prevail.  Pray that they enemy will not get a foot hold in any way in our relationships with one another.  Pray we will keep our sights set above and on His perfect love that drives out all fear..

Love Never Fails.


  1. so excited and will be praying!

  2. Safe and happy travels! See you in Hefei!

  3. I am thrilled for you all, from the top of my head to the tip of my toes....
    will be praying for all~

  4. God is good and He is with you and Lucy Love. Now enjoy the journey!

  5. thrilled...just thrilled and praying over your coming and goings...both now and forevermore! love you our sweet friends!

  6. congrat's! I am soo excited for you!!

  7. so excited for your family....praying!!!!

  8. Laura,
    Thank you so much for taking time to include us in your journey through blogging. We are praying for you as you experience this exciting final leg of uniting with Lucy! Can't wait to see you all together as a family!

  9. so thrilled for you all. praying for a safe trip and for your little ones...