Waiting for Lucy...

In January 2012, we began our home study to adopt.  We've been listening to the Lord and doing a lot of paper chasing, dreaming, and waiting for God to identify the one whom we would call our own..

This is a picture of our current family: Sean, Henry (6), Finn (2), Zoe (8), and Laura
Thanks for joining us as we experience the miracle of adoption!


  1. Love your blog laura...very creative & artsy just like you!!!

    can't wait to follow your journey...oh yeah, i am walking with you on this journey....how did i get so LUCKY to be a part of LUCY LOVES journey to her forever family? God planned it that's way....that's why....His plan is perfect.

    thanks God sooooo much


    1. oooh.. you are my very first comment on the very first post! How fitting. So thrilled that you are walking with me! I am certainly the LUCKY one! And, yes, I do believe His plans are PERFECT!