A window to Lucy..

Good Morning! Wanted to share with y'all this amazing blessing.  I have connected with some other moms on Facebook from our same orphanage who were there in May and adopted littles from Lucy's same age group! A couple of their little girls say they remember her and that they were friends! One of the ladies went through her trip photos and posted this picture from her trip in May.. 
At first glance I was not sure if it was our Lucy or not.. the one in the front with pink pants and striped shirt, touching her little belly..
But the more I looked at the picture, I could tell by her ears, hair line, and the way her little lips look that this was probably her.. just a little bright in the hallway and she is squinting and probably thinking, "Hey, you lookin' at me?!"

Then I awoke this morning to find that another mom that visited about a week later so graciously took the time to go through her trip photos last night and look for any photos of Lucy. She posted this on our FB group for me..
It really is our Lucy!!

  It is like a window into her little life.. and she is looking right at the camera.. Can't believe I awoke to this beautiful surprise this morning! Oh my, isn't she just the most beautiful thing!? I just want to reach through that window and snatch her up and kiss those little cheeks!!

Just last night we arranged for a letter and care package to be sent to her orphanage through a 3rd party service in China.  When Lucy gets this package, they say that she will "know" that she has a family now.  We picked out a snuggly blanket, doll (they say she likes dolls), candy (of course), and a pillow that will have our family's picture ironed onto the front of it, so that she can become familiar with us.  The pillow was a little bit more expensive, but we splurged for it because we know that Lucy cannot hear the letter and are not sure how they will "tell" her that she has a family waiting for her..  But they say she is a smart girl and I am hoping that she has observed her other little friends being adopted a couple of times and will "get it" when she sees our photo.  Either way, it is so cool to know that she will hopefully be able to sleep with that little pillow in her bed.  That we will be with her in some little way.. That she may know that we are coming ...

Praying for the other littles in their group that they are listed for adoption and find a family soon!


  1. AWESOME!!!!!! and the pillow will be PERFECT! :) xoxo

  2. Laura, This is sooooo cool! I teared up just looking at your sweet Lucy. I remember how extremely precious these glimpses were when we were waiting for Amy. You will look at them at least a million times between now and when you get to see her in person. We sent a soft "picture album" of our family in our care package to Amy when we were waiting for her and we know she got it because she was wearing the outfit that was sent with it when they handed her over to Chip!! I am praying for you guys and your sweet Lucy!

  3. Laura, She is beautiful and she's yours. I can't wait to meet her and hug her. I'm so excited for your family and all the Lord is doing in you and through you. How He redeems and restores, pursues and purposes. I look forward to walking this journey with you and seeing how the Lord works out all the details on behalf of this little Lucy, whom He has known before the foundations of the world.

  4. Laura, she is just so precious and perfect. Congratulations to the whole Kirkland family! Can't wait to see and hear more about this sweet baby! Praying for all of you!

  5. Laura, so happy for your family! Lucy is precious and what a gift those pictures are! Keeping your family in our prayers.

  6. Oh my, how/sweet! So excited for Lucy to know the wonderful family she will ge join. I'm so happy that her heritage is going to change forever. Her family line will know the love of Jesus. Wonder upon wonder!